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The BBQ Show is something I’ve been wanting to share since its start over a year ago.  Right in the middle of a crazy-busy time preparing for the Chamorro Cultural Fest and the Uno Hit Conference, I took the time to attend a recording of the show with some visiting artists.  We had so much fun enjoying the interviews, even the bloopers, and seeing the BBQ Show team in action.  Enjoy the article, and feel free to check in on the BBQ show for yourself.

As it appeared in the 4/12/14 PDN:

Chamorro culture has taken on a new media in southern California.  The Internet has allowed us the ability to tune into programs all over the world.  And these days, Chamorro-centric island music and events can be found on Betelnut Internet radio and its weekly BBQ Show, produced in the city of Long Beach. 

The BBQ Show plays great music; island favorites from all over the world, and a nice collection of Chamorro and Chamolinian music too.  It is billed as an interactive variety show.  Their recent features have included cultural artists, writers, and university student groups as well as musical entertainers.  The show is available to hear on any computer with an Internet connection, or with a Betelnut Radio app downloaded on a smart phone.

The BBQ show recording session that I recently attended hosted the musical group Two Story Zori, spoken word artist, Da’kota Camacho, and Guam Chamorro dance master, Frank Rabon.   They were all in the area to perform at the Chamorro Cultural Fest, and were eager to share their work with the BBQ radio show audience.  During the three-hour broadcast recording, the show’s energy was high, with talk of southern California Pacific Islander events between the guest features.  Joe Sav and Joey Quenga , known as “Q”, are its regular hosts, with the recent addition of Silulu (Lulu) Aetonu-Grey. 

Although I enjoyed all the hosts, I am most familiar with “Q”.  Joey Quenga is a life-long Chamorro cultural advocate, best known for his musical direction of the Kutturan Chamoru Foundation, co-directed by his wife, Heidi Quenga.  The radio show is a natural extension of his long-time efforts to bring awareness to the Chamorro arts and cultural activities.  Joey Quenga is also a natural showman, able to emcee, perform music or sing on stage as needed.  I was greatly impressed by his performance at last year’s Pacific Islander Festival Association (PIFA) opening ceremony in San Diego, singing the Star Spangled Banner a cappella.

The BBQ Show is counted a big success, with regularly well over 100,000 listeners from dozens of countries around the world.  The show is true to its name, serving up island talent and entertainment with a virtual “Island Style BBQ”.  As a listener, I have appreciated what Q and his co-hosts, Joe Sav and Lulu provide; a place to hear Chamorro humor, music and the latest on California events that I just can’t find anywhere else.

Additional info:

The BBQ Show can be streamed live at on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific Time, or Fridays at noon on Guam.

 You can connect with the BBQ Show at or at




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