UNO HIT; dance to unite us


Chamorro youth in the mainland US connecting with their culture and representing it in their communities – this is the goal.

You can help achieve this with a donation of any size.

This idea, bringing our people together in understanding and celebrating our culture through dance, has become a huge passion for myself and others working on this project.  So much so, that I am sometimes convinced that there is a persistent ancestor gently urging us on to make this happen.  Mentors and partners appear to create the opportunities to take each step forward. I’m happy to say that we are already seeing progress, with our first group coming along in San Diego as you can see in the photos on this page.

Actually, many people have worked for many years to create this current possibility; 30 years of the development of Chamorro dance and dance resources, 20 years of building community and talent with various dance groups, the solidarity of stateside Chamorro organizations that want to support cultural education, and the power of technology to communicate between leaders and students who live distant from each other.  All these things make it possible and desirable to invite stateside Chamorros to share the knowledge of language and stories and traditions that are included in the existing Chamorro dance curriculum.

Further down this page, you can learn about how this whole project got started.

Your donations send the message that this is supported by the community.  Through the Che’lu organization, your tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted, and 100% will go to the expenses of starting this UNO HIT education for our children.

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Kutturan Chamoru Foundation in Long Beach working with Inetnon GefPago from Guam in 2012 and 2013.

Following a successful model

Do you want this for your kids?

Around 1980, the Guam public schools created a Chamorro arts program.  The popularity of this program led to the forming of community-based groups, especially dance groups, around the island.  A Chamorro dance culture emerged under the umbrella organization, Pa’a Taotao Tano, and indigenous dance was developed and taught for the first time.  It led to a cultural resurgence that could be seen in the prevalence of dance performances and the adoption of ancient Chamorro language, practices and adornment, especially by the youth. 

Meanwhile, Chamorros in communities in the US have been isolated from this cultural resurgence.  They are seeking a way to engage their youth in the Chamorro culture.

Due to community response

The Uno Hit project was conceived due to the response to workshops offered in Chamorro communities in March 2012 and 2013 by a visiting Guam dance group, Inetnon GefPa’go.   Large support has also come from the Long Beach based Chamorro dance group, Kutturan Chamoru.  The experience has created groups of interested dancers and instructors.  We now have dance programs wanting to begin in San Diego, Arizona and Washington DC. 

How to help make it happen

Uno Hit is seeking funds to bring regular expertise and instruction to these dispersed communities.

     We call this project “Uno Hit; Dance to Unite Us”.  In the Chamorro language, “Uno Hit” means “we are one”.  Our larger ambition is to create a network of Chamorro dance programs in Chamorro communities across the country so that the ideals and knowledge related to the Chamorro dance culture are shared nation-wide.

     Do you want this for our kids?

The Che’lu organization is gratefully accepting any donations toward this initiative.

Become an official Taotao UNO HIT with a donation of $100 or more and receive special invitations and recognition as a Taotao UNO HIT.

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Dankulu na si yu’us ma’ase

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  1. I enjoyed reading articles of Chamorro gathering in the States; is there a club
    here in San Antonio, Texas?

    • admin says:

      Hafa Adai Marie,
      I do know of Chamorro activities in Killeen, Texas, but I don’t know about San Antonio.

      Thank you for writing me.

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